Mexican Dip Cups

Happy Holidays Healthy Asset Friends! 

This past weekend was our 6th annual Nog & Hog Christmas Party. I look forward to this party every year as it really gets me in the Holiday spirit. I made a new appetizer this year that I have been meaning to try for some time now, Mexican Dip Cups, found on one of my favorite blogs, KERF. It was fun to make and a huge success. Try this recipe for your next Holiday party!!!

Mexican Dip Cups

  • Cups: Nasoya wontons
  • Dip: Black beans, diced tomatoes and corn salsa
  • Topping: Cheddar cheese
  • Extra: Avocado, Greek yogurt & cayenne pepperIMG_20131214_165014_698

Line mini cupcake tin with wontons. Add bean mixture to each cup and bake for 9 minutes on 400 degrees. Sprinkle on cheddar cheese while still hot.

PhotoGrid_1387124552925 Before serving, add dollop of avocado mixture.


A Secret to Fresh Legs & Quick Recovery

This Fall I tried something new for my runs….. Any idea?

Compression SocksI wore compression socks. I have seen runners wear these before and never thought much of them other than maybe they kept people’s legs warm or were just trendy. Probably true but little did I know there is a lot more to these socks so once I tried them out myself, I was hooked.

Compressions socks are tighter than normal socks to enhance blood flood throughout your legs which helps in muscle recovery. They can be worn before, during or after a workout and are specifically great for runners or other endurance athletes.

I know for me, heavy legs from Body Pump squats or just not properly stretching is the first thing to impact my running. I get discouraged, uncomfortable, and feel slow. It is the worst feeling when you want to get in a good run. I have worn compression socks for my training runs and past two races and I can tell a difference for sure. My legs feel fresh and even feels like I have a spring in my step. My race recovery is a lot faster too. I was pleasantly surprised the benefits these compression socks had on my runs and I will be sticking with them throughout the season.

Check out PRO Compression if you want to learn more about these socks or buy a pair to try yourself. Please note this post is my own opinion and not sponsored so you know it is the real deal!

Backyard Burn 10 mile Trail Run

X2 Adventures is the host to some awesome trail running series in the Washington DC area. Their Fall series, Backyard Burn, is a series of 6 trail races throughout different Northern Virginia Parks. Each race has a 5 mile and 10 mile course. Their races are unique as you hit the dirt trails full of switch backs, stream crossings, grassy fields, gravel payment, and roots obstacles. You have to be quick on your feet to navigate throughout the trails.

My husband and I have done a handful of EX2 Adventure Trail Runs in the past and have always had an awesome time. I knew I wanted to get back into it this season so we signed up for their 10 miler trail run at Wakefield Park. I wish I could do the whole series but its just not gonna happen this year, maybe next? Anyways, I was excited to get back out there.

The course was relatively flat but had a lot of switch backs and obstacles to keep your focus. The first 5 miles went fast as I ran through a single track in line with other runners. Then it seemed like most the runners dropped off to complete their 5 mile course as I headed out for my second round. Not a runner in sight in front or behind me. I just made sure I kept my pace up so anyone behind me (especially another girl) wouldn’t pass. The switch backs were pretty cool since the one time I saw another runner it was my husband (about a mile ahead). I crossed the finish line at 1:24:01 placing me 1st in my age group and 2nd female overall.

Backyard Burn

It was an awesome course and reminds me of all the Reasons Why I Love Trail Running:

  • The mental focus it takes for foot placement over obstacles along the trail, there is no need your headphones trust me you won’t even want it.
  • The intensity of the workout with lots of speed bursts & recovery, it is a heart pumping workout for sure.
  • The beauty of nature as you navigate through the woods taking in the colors of Fall and fresh air.
  • The adventure of the trail, never knowing what is to come, a stream, fallen tree, or killer hill climb, the course is always changing.
  • The softness of the dirt is so much better on your joints than the hard impact of payment in any road race.
  • The quietness of the trail, there are no fans cheering or signs to read, it is just you, the trail, and the rhythm of your foot placement.

So next time you want an adventure, try a trail run or an EX2 Adventures trail race. It may be just what you were looking for.